Available maps

Type Name Description
MP Boarding Action Pro and figurehead, cluttered stern, port companionway, starboard rail, boarding planks, narrow forecastle, tiller deck, cargo grate, treasure chest alcove

MP Camps & Shelters Prairie lean to, desert bivouac, ruined temple refuge, stony campsite, cave chamber, forgotten cabin, dungeon resting place, forest clearing camp, back-alley retreat

MP Caravan Armored wagons, covered wagons, fortune teller’s cart, horse train, merchant wagons

MP Cave Tunnels Cavernous maw, weathered stairs, buried crossroads, underground stream, subterranean grotto, hidden entrance
MP Evil Ruins Blasphemous altar, bone pile, mass grave, shattered walls, unholy idol, webbed rubble
MP Farmstead Barn, animal corral, farmhouse, well, chicken coop, crop fields, haystacks, garden
MP Forest Dangers Rock slide, river crossing, spider webs, wild fires, perilous trails, swamp border

MP Marketplace Carpet merchant, cooper, fountain, herbalist shop, livestock pen, mystic’s tent, produce vendor, store fronts
MP Palace Throne Room, a Reception Chamber, a Treasury, and Customizable Halls.
MP Mines Cave-Ins, Mine Track, Caverns, Chasm, Mine Entrances, Mother Lode

MP Sea Caves River fork, severe bend, rocky narrows, sunken rapids, underground lake, cavernous drain, caved in waterway, river confluence, fallen boulders
MP Starship Corridors Escape pod, maintenance alcove, sliding doors, suspension tubes, outer airlock, containment anteroom, disposal hatch, utility corridor, emergency access

FM Basic Terrain
FM Battlefield
FM City Gates
FM D&D Shattered Keep (three flippable maps)
FM Deadlands Noir Cemetery / Crypt
FM Deadlands Noir Hotel/Manor
FM Deadlands Noir Mississippi Bayous
FM Deadlands Noir New Orleans / Hexaco Map of North America
FM Deadlands Noir Offices/Warehouses/Theatre
FM Desert Ruins
FM Falls & Rapids x2
FM Flooded Dungeon
FM Frontier Fortress/Village 2-map set (Pinnacle Rome Roman Fort and and Roman Village with standing stones/druid circle)
FM Hill Country
FM Pub Crawl x2
FM Red Light District
FM Seedy Tavern
FM Theatre
FM Thieves’ Guild
FM Urban Tavern x2
FM Warehouse
FM Warship
FM Watch Station x2
Folio Curse of the Crimson Throne
Folio Legacy of Fire
Folio Reign of Winter
Folio Second Darkness
GP Mega Dungeon 1
GP Mega Dungeon 2 – Lost Catacombs
HG Zoo/Park

MP = Map Pack – individual cards to be used on a background map or with which to create a map or to lay over a flip mat to create optional views such as with or without roofs
FM = Flip Mat – a two sided map usually 24×30 inches with 1” grid on each side
Folio = multiple maps, not all at 1”=6’ scale
GP = Gaming Paper maps, printed on both sides on regular printer paper 8.5×11
HG = Home Grown – made by someone in the group

Available maps

CRUE New Orleans furikku greyrangerwarden