Aziri Fuhad Lau

Aziri, daughter of Bastet


Rank: novice (19)
Race: Demi (daughter of Bastet, Bastet’s high priest and a Chinese Dragon)


  • Agility d10
  • Smarts d6
  • Spirit d8
  • Strength d6
  • Vigor d6

Charisma: +2 Pace: 6 Parry: 6(7) Toughness: 5 (with armor 9 or 13 vs bullets)

Climbing d6
Fighting d8
Throwing d8
Shooting d6
Lockpicking d6
Notice d6+1
Stealth d8 +1
Streetwise d6 +3
Know: Arcana d6
Know: Religion d6

Defining Interests
degree in Archaeology/Egyptology; Egyptian belly dance; Chinese dance

Auto Grapnel: The auto grapnel has a
range of 10/20/40, while the line itself is
100 yards long. The winch allows the
wielder to be pulled along at a rate of
10” per round.
Talisman of Protection: +2 toughness
vs direct attack from supernaturally evil
creatures, powers and spells, 3 dimensional
pendant of Bastet, created by her
parents to protect her (also has other
abilities, part of her major secret)

Adroit (agi+1die)
Demi Boon (1 free power: shape change)
Infiltration Specialist
2nd Sight

Arcane Background: Divinely Connected:
Current Powers:
Shape Change, can turn into a cat
Speed, speed doubled, running is free action
Danger Sense, notice roll to detect hidden danger, on raise starts round of ambush or surprise attack on Hold

Hindrances: Loyal, Heroic, Vow of Service to
Bastet, Major Secret

Languages: Egyptian Arabic, French, English, Fari, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish

Weapons & Armor
Glock 17, DMG 2d6+1, ROF 1 (can DT), shots 17, AP1; military quality ammo (1 damage, +1 AP over guns) TOTAL AP +2
Survival Knife, Str
d4, supplies that add 1 to survival rolls
Throwing Spikes, Str
d4, AP1, easy to conceal, range 4/8/16, go in Spike Bracer
Spike Bracers: 1 parry, strd4 melee damage, AP1
Kinemesh Body Armor, Armor 4/8 vs bullets, Cover-5,lightweight, generally concealable, and will pass through most detection systems without setting them off

5’6" tall, slender, fit, supple. She walks with the lithesome gate of a cat.
very dark brown hair, amber airs, golden Mediterranean skin tone


Aziri was born in Egypt in 1993 to the goddess Bastet and three fathers — or so her mother says. (I keep hearing the lyrics of a filk song “My mother never talks about that orgy … but if there’s another like it let me know.”) Her fathers are supposedly Bastet’s high priest at the time, Salim Fuhad; an English archaeologist who died shortly before Aziri was born, and Hwun “Henry” Lau, an ancient Chinese Dragon shape shifter. No one really knows if she has three fathers but the adults accepted it as truth so Aziri did too.
In 2005 when the Egyptian elections did not go as advertised and things began to be violent, Fuhad, who had been raising Aziri, sent her to France where her Chinese Dragon father was teaching at the Sorbonne. During the violence that erupted, Fuhad was killed and Lau legally adopted Aziri so she would "officially"’ be his child. She spent her teen years in Paris.
Aziri attended the Sorbonne and studied Archaeology with a specialty in Egyptology. During that time she met and shared a dorm room then an apartment with Mina (another PC). They were both recruited to join The CRUE by former CRUE agents Kaden Upchurch and Grace Silverwolf Upchurch.
This is the first time Aziri has ever been to the U.S. She is very excited about being in New Orleans as she has heard a great deal about the French influence on the culture.
Her name means “the moon” in Berber.

Aziri Fuhad Lau

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