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Runaway Vehicle’s Visit Shocks Zookepers

Some Features Closed for Repair

New Orleans
At about 3 p.m. on Saturday, an unidentified vehicle lost control and somehow jumped the fence to the Cool Zoo section of the Audubon Zoo. The unruly intruder raced through the area and crashed into the Reptile Encounter building, demolishing part of the wall. Miraculously, no human casualties were reported, though the impact did unfortunately kill several animals on exhibit, including two chameleons and the zoo’s ten foot boa constrictor. Also damaged was the Komodo Dragon exhibit, whose residents nearly escaped, but were quickly wrangled by Audubon Zoo staff.
“It’s just a freak accident, million-to-one odds,” explained Sergeant Bobby Miller, who investigated the scene, “they just hit the curb in exactly the right way to go flying.”
Audubon Park public relations report that the new Gator Run lazy river attraction will remain open, but the water slides, Snack-n-Splash cafe, and the Reptile Encounter building will all be closed for repairs.
“We’re committed to the welfare of the animals and the public,” says Fela Carter, Audubon’s PR Representative. “While we intend to reopen these attractions as soon as we can, we want to ensure that everything is 100% safe.”
Carter stated that there were no plans to change the fencing around the park. “As I understand it, this was a vanishingly unlikely event. You’re more likely to be struck by lightning at the park than to see another attack from a flying car.”
Profitt Industries, owners of the local Asencion Island Wildlife Preserve and Botanical Gardens, have donated $10,000 to the park to replace the animals that died in the accident. “Audubon Park is an invaluable resource to the public, and Profitt Industries hopes that the Reptile Encounter will be available to educate visitors about these fascinating fellow creatures on our planet.”


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