CRUE New Orleans

Hundreds Attend Memorial Concert for Fractured City

Proceeds to Go to Families of the Band

New Orleans
Fans of live music gathered at Saenger Theatre to pay tribute to the tragic jazz-rock band Fractured City, whose rising star fell too soon in a gas explosion at a local bar during a performance. Friends within the music industry, as well as some professional acts, put on a stirring performance to honor the fallen musicians. The concert, sponsored by Profitt Industries, was arranged as a memorial and to raise funds for the musicians’ bereaved families.

“It’s such a beautiful gesture,” said Maybel Duval, sister of keyboardist Julay “Bitsy” Duval. “Bits would’ve been so happy to see how many people were so moved by their music.”

“We feel truly blessed,” added Mai Tran, mother of twins Dan and Lan Tran, who played the saxophone and bass. “They sacrificed so much for their dream. It was just awful, losing them. But seeing how they touched all these people… I am so proud of what they did with their short lives. I want to thank everyone for loving my children.”

concert.jpg Eddie Profitt, CEO of Profitt Industries, was in the audience with his family, having paid for his own tickets. “It’s a real shame. They were so talented,” he said afterward. “We were really looking forward to seeing where they would end up. They could have been real stars. I know what we’re doing can’t bring them back, but I can’t imagine the pain of losing your precious family like that. I wanted to help any way I could. I wanted people to know that these people were important, and I hope that we can convince the city to pay more attention in disasters like this.”


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