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Three Missing Teens Dead, One Hospitalized After Drug-Fueled Violence in Pines Village Warehouse

New Strain of MDMA Suspected


New Orleans

NOPD reports that four missing teens from the Pines Village warehouse were engaged in a days-long drug party that turned deadly. The teens had been reported missing on Thursday evening, when they failed to come home from school. Apparently, they met at a warehouse in an area still abandoned after Hurricane Katrina to party and do drugs. Emergency services were called in at 1:45 p.m. by a group of surveyors when they discovered the remains of three teens and one survivor during a routine visit. According to police reports, three of the teens attacked each other while under the influence of the drugs.

“It’s just brutal, what they did to each other,” said Lt. Roy Chalmers of NOPD. “This is why we make such a priority to deal with drugs. These were good kids, from good homes, but drugs can easily twist your brain, make you see and do things you would never dream of sober.”

The survivor is hospitalized at New Orleans East Hospital, where doctors say he is expected to recover and return home soon.

“He mostly had some scratches and cuts, and was malnourished. It’s a miracle that he survived, given what the other three had done,” said Dr. Rashmi Patil. Police stated that the boy will be interviewed once he’s recovered, but doctors warn that it may take time for him to get past the traumatic events.

Police Chief Jared LaGrange urges all families to keep a close eye on their children, and talk to them about the dangers of drug use. “Intervention starts at home.”


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